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Séverine Peiffer

Alternative Photography

Séverine, born in 1981, lives an works in Luxembourg. She starts her career as a graphic designer, followed by several years in international finance working in Internal Communications and Business Development. In 2012, Séverine changes her career path to turn to her passion: photography, specifically alternative processes. After 2 years of training, she specialises in wet plate photography, a historic process from the 19th century, as well as various historic printing techniques such as salt print, albumen, Van Dyck, lumen print and cyanotype. From 2015 to 2019 she manages Lanterne Magique, a Luxembourg-based project focussing on upholding alternative photography with both an educational and artistic agenda across Luxembourg, France and Belgium. Séverine regularly exhibits her work and proposes workshops and educational projects for children and young adults. For this special Xmas edition of Augenschmaus Séverine will be selling a selection of photographic prints and gift vouchers for a private wetplate portrait session at Séverine's studio. The perfect gift, don't you think?

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