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Jessica Frascht

Illustration / Printmaking

Jessica Frascht is an illustrator and designer based in Luxembourg. Currently, I am studying Communication Design in Trier, Germany. In August 2021, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration and Book Design. During my studies, I developed a deep affection for printmaking such as screenprinting and linocuts, and the resulting textures. Original printing techniques allow me to use special colors like neons or metallics and special papers and other surfaces. On the one hand, I love to practice analog techniques like papercut or printing techniques like screen printing, linocut, woodcut and monoprinting to work manually. On the other hand, I love to translate my learned skills from analog to digital and process them further. Most of my designs and illustrations utilize graphic shapes, bright colors and textures. My illustrations are influenced by art and nature and attempt to have a modern approach to new and old topics.

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